Content management

Content management

The computerization and administrative management solution eDocman built with advanced technologies, high security, functions with various objects. Further, it can be easily implemented with various organization models.

note1 With eDocman solution, all organizations, enterprises can: 
Computerize their administrative management as well as documents and records management
Standardize the process of operating and state administration. 
Computerize their means of receiving, archiving, publishing, exchanging, and searching.
Improve their application and use of IT tools. 
Contribute to administrative reform and e-government building in the future.

Operations to be computerized 
Documents management
Business calendar 
Dealing with complaints and denunciations Managing the process of editing news, feeding news to Website 
Building legal documents database


note1 With ILIB solution
We develop solutions and software that enable Vietnamese libraries to modernize their activities in order to improve their quality in term s of database management and serving readers. Thus, ensuring that libraries become the gateway to knowledge, as well as the path to the future.

LRC learning center solution - a total solution for universities’ large libraries
- Supply and implement specific and maximum integrated software packages
- Supply and implement equipment, computers, servers, networks,etc. 
- Consult and provide essential services for a learning center

Integration Electronic Library Software - iLib 
- Automate library activities and further integrate specific tools into it
- Standardize operations with strictly compliance with library and IT standards 
- Smart Search 
- Enable the ability to exploit information services 

Digital Library Software- iLib.Di 
- Completely digitalize traditional datawarehouses 
- Optimize archiving and permanent storage
- Exploit digital information online

Medium Library Management Software - iLib.Me 
- Easy to use; with all the features of an electronic library
- Good contact and exchange that is easy to use and manage

CD Publishing Software - iLib.CDPub
- Move the library to your personal computer – offline library
- Increase the ability to feed information to libraries

Union Catalog  Software - iLib.UC 
- Industry-level solutions for centralized information administration and exploitation 
- Aiming to build an online industry-level information system